Product quality is always the most important factor in the production process as well as bringing products to consumers at Obee company. The appreciation of quality in all products has brought Obee the status of a successful and professional home appliance manufacturer and distributor.


Today’s life is constantly changing, the needs of supplies and utensils around us also have too many options to solve the problems of daily life of individuals and families. Therefore, Obee’s R&D team always has to explore, discover and invent new products, bringing more convenience to users.


In order to solve the above creative problem, the application of high technology in production is a prerequisite for us. We strongly believe in our highly qualified technical staff. Obee products always adhere to the guideline and development orientation “Smart Technology, Smart Life”.


We often hear too much about “smart” intelligence in homes, phones, cars, etc. And smart home appliances has not been a trend that has been developing strongly for more than a decade.

About us

Obee is one of the leading high-tech businesses specializing in home appliances, especially smart appliances.

Obee has been developing household products since 2007, and we have been working on smart home appliances (IoT) since 2012.
We are committed to high creativity in product designs to provide a better quality of life. Many international manufacturers of well-known brands consider Obee to be their long-term OEM partner.

“Development by quality; Improvement by management” is our main value. As a smart home appliance manufacturer, Obee will provide the best quality products with the best service to global customers constantly with improvements.

  • Vision

    Obee will become Asia’s leading smart home appliances company by 2030.

  • Mission

    Brings the comfort to serve modern life for everyone.

  • Business philosophy

    We believe that small action will lead to big changes.


We appreciate the creativity of Obee’s product design team.

Keisuke HondaTokyo

Obee products are very practical and convenient for home use.

Keisuke HondaNagoya

I have been using Obee products for many years and I love this brand more and more.

Keisuke HondaNagoya

Obee is a good housewares brand because of its cost, durability and convenience.

Keisuke HondaNagoya